Sleep Apnea Testing

Accurate, Comfortable Testing

Sleep Cycle Center uses a combination of a scientifically accurate screening test and an at-home sleep test to diagnose any underlying concerns. If you have not yet taken our screener test, please do so below. The test only takes 5 minutes and helps us evaluate your needs. After you take the screener, a sleep specialist will review your results and contact you to schedule your at-home sleep test.

Testing for Sleep Apnea

When you think of sleep apnea testing, all sorts of images are conjured up. You might be thinking you have to go spend a night at a testing center, attached to monitors, and sleep on an uncomfortable bed while being monitored by medical staff. While this was once the case, testing in this manner is no longer necessary thanks to advances in the medical community. Pictured to the left, is the sleep test we use. It is a simple monitor placed on the tip of your finger. No wires or headgear needed, and best of all, you are able to sleep in the comfort and privacy of your own home! 

At-Home Sleep Test

Take your Sleep Test from

the comfort of your own bed!


The Sleep Test is conducted using the WatchPAT One testing equipment. This is the only test equipment of its kind in the world! Best of all, not only is the test performed at home, but it is also single-use, which offers peace of mind as we all continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the key points the test will be testing for are:


  • Wake/Sleep
  • REM Sleep, Deep SleepLight Sleep stages
  • Body position
  • Snoring
  • Heart Rate
  • Chest Movements
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Actigraphy.

A few key feature benefits of the WatchPat One are: 


Prevents Misdiagnoses by as much as 20% compared to other sleep tests.

Very accurate and can detect all of the stages of sleep apnea, including sleep efficiency, sleep latency, and REM latency.

Clinically proven to detect all types of sleep apnea events.

Comprehensive reporting showing all aspects of your sleep. Allowing us to fully customize your sleep solution to you.

Sleep Apnea Facts