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Sleep apnea affects all people. However, women with sleep apnea often go undiagnosed because they’re less likely to report common symptoms of the disorder, like snoring, fatigue, and insomnia, to their health provider. At Sleep Cycle Center in Austin and Lakeway, Texas, Chad Denman, DDS, and his team of sleep specialists focus on women’s health care. They diagnose and treat sleep apnea in women. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online. Telehealth appointments are available.

Women’s Healthcare Q & A

What is women’s health care?

Women’s health care Sleep Cycle Center focuses on helping women struggling with a sleep problem get the correct diagnosis and effective treatment to improve their sleep.

Sleep problems affect people of all ages and backgrounds. When it comes to sleep problems like sleep apnea, women are less likely to report the common symptoms of this serious sleep disorder to their doctor, delaying a diagnosis.

The sleep specialists at Sleep Cycle Center are experts at diagnosing and treating sleep apnea.

What can I expect during a women’s health care consultation?

You can expect patient-centered care at Sleep Cycle Center during your women’s health care consultation. The sleep medicine specialists offer in-office and telehealth appointments.

Before your initial visit, the team has you complete a health screening. This helps identify if you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common form of sleep apnea.

During your consultation, your provider reviews your symptoms and medical history and asks detailed questions about your lifestyle habits, including your usual diet, exercise, and sleep routine.

After your consultation, your sleep specialist might recommend a home sleep study. Sleep Cycle Center uses the WatchPAT® One home sleep app by Itamar™ Medical.

What women’s health care treatments are available?

Sleep Cycle Center takes a comprehensive approach to women’s health care, offering many treatments to improve sleep and health. Your plan can include:

Weight loss

Many people with OSA, women included, struggle with their weight. Losing weight eases OSA symptoms and improves your overall health.

Sleep Cycle Center has what they refer to as adolescent weight loss, which focuses on helping you lose the extra pounds you’ve been carrying around since your teens. They assign a weight loss coach who designs your personalized weight loss program.

Oral appliance therapy

Oral appliance therapy is one of Sleep Cycle Center’s treatments to treat OSA. With this therapy, you wear a custom-made oral device that pushes your jaw forward, helping to open up the airway while you sleep.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy

CPAP therapy delivers pressurized air through a mask you wear on your mouth or nose, keeping the airway open while you sleep.


In some cases, the team at Sleep Cycle Center will refer you to a surgeon to discuss surgery for your sleep apnea. Surgeries include sinuplasty to open the sinuses and septoplasty to straighten the cartilage that separates the nostrils in your nose.

Call Sleep Cycle Center today or schedule an appointment online for attentive women’s health care from a highly skilled team of sleep specialists.