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Get a good night’s sleep with help from the Sleep Cycle Center! Led by renowned Dental sleep expert Dr. Denman and his professional sleep care team, our home sleep study services are dedicated to improving the sleep of the Oak Hill community.

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Sleep is our number one priority! Find solutions to sleeping troubles, daytime fatigue, and loud snoring with Dr. Denman and his dedicated Dental Sleep Medicine team. We work with patients across the community and surrounding suburbs, offering reliable home sleep study services to ensure accessible sleep apnea care and treatments for all patients.

Overcome Snoring and Fatigue with Sleep Medicine in Oak Hill, TX

A good night’s rest is essential for our health, yet many people across the US continue to sleep poorly.

Our professional dental sleep team is committed to improving the lives of people across America living with undiagnosed sleep apnea. We offer accessible home sleep testing and personalized apnea treatments for optimum symptom relief.

Stop struggling with nighttime sleep problems, daytime fatigue, morning headaches, and loud, chronic snoring, and get tested for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Your Sleep Study at Home

Home sleep apnea testing revolutionized the sleep disorder screening process for patients struggling with staying overnight in a hospital to take a sleep apnea test. It provides convenient, flexible sleep apnea testing around all schedules and commitments, including those who prefer a sleep study at home in Oak Hill, TX.

Taking the Sleep Apnea Test From Home

Home sleep testing removes the invasive nature of hospital overnight studies, free from the surveillance of medical staff, wires, and machines and the unfamiliar sleeping environment of a clinical setting. With this modern apnea testing approach, remote sleep studies account for more than 40% of apnea diagnoses, giving patients access to the care and treatment they deserve.

Connecting Patients to Sleep Expertise and Technology

Our home sleep study services partner with leading technology and medical experts in the Sleep Science field, ensuring the latest testing approaches for apnea patients. We are proud to help with scheduling a comprehensive sleep study test for our clients in Oak Hill, TX, utilizing the expertise of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and American Dental Association in all our services.

Sleep Apnea Study in Oak Hill, TX with At-Home Testing Solutions

As professionals in Dental Sleep Medicine, the Sleep Cycle Center team efficiently facilitates your sleep study. They work with sleep specialists and sleep labs to provide accurate screenings for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Initial Consultation With the Dental Sleep Medicine Team

After evaluating your symptoms and medical history, we’ll provide a detailed overview and guidance on how to proceed. We will set up a date and schedule your at-home sleep test on a date that works for you. 

We recommend that studies be performed at a time and place when sleep is less likely to be disrupted for the most accurate results and analysis of true sleep behavior.

Easily Set Up For Your Sleep Study Test

Our team arranges all the essentials of the home sleep test device (HST), including shipping equipment conveniently to your home! Working with reputable medical suppliers and sleep specialists in our network, you will be provided with the leading easy-to-use HST device, WatchPat, to get started immediately. West Lake Hills, Texas, residents can now benefit from a sleep study at home service, ensuring a comfortable and accurate assessment of their sleep health.

The WatchPat – An At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing Device


Developed with seven powerful sensors to measure vitals and sleep time behavior, patients simply fit the watch and rest easy as the secure cloud-based system records readings and sends data to dedicated sleep labs. WatchPat offers reliable sleep apnea testing remotely from a patient’s bedroom, with a 20% reduced risk of misdiagnosis compared to other devices in the industry. Residents of West Lake Hills, TX can benefit from sleep study lab services, ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans.

Restful Nights with Sleep Study Lab Insights in West Lake Hills, TX

Don’t struggle with the constant fog of daytime fatigue! The first steps to better quality sleep start with a professional sleep apnea test and diagnosis with the Sleep Cycle Center.

Patients living with ongoing, undiagnosed symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea are at a potential risk to their health and quality of life. High blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and reduced life expectancy are reported in cases of untreated OSA. To address these concerns, a sleep apnea study near West Lake Hills, TX, can provide critical insights into effective treatment options.

A formal diagnosis through home sleep testing is the key to an apnea treatment plan, relieving and reducing symptoms and the risk of secondary health complications.

Snoring May Be a Sign of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is present in up to 94% of cases in obstructive sleep apnea, this is often a result of the air passing through narrow airways and vibrating tissues. These airways may become restricted or blocked during an apnea episode, where breathing can stop entirely. 

The snoring frequency and noise level may determine the apnea’s severity. With louder, chronic snoring, it is common to wake up gasping for air and experience frequent wake-ups through the night. This indicates sleep apnea, and a study from a reputable sleep study lab near West Lake Hills, TX, could provide crucial insights into treatment options.

A Sleep Study at Home Can Transform Your Rest in West Lake Hills, TX

If you’re a new patient to the Center, you can arrange your initial appointment or discuss a referral from your doctor/GP or health practitioner for our home sleep testing services. We accept most major insurance providers and offer in-house financing to eligible patients. View our complete list of providers on our finance information page.