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Are you feeling anxious about your upcoming sleep study at the sleep lab? Your preconceived sleep study expectations might discourage you from going. If you have a sleep problem but dread the thought of spending the night in a lab, Chad Denman, DDS, and his team at Sleep Cycle Center have a solution for you. The sleep specialists offer an at-home sleep study so that you can put your sleep study expectations to bed. To find out more, call the Austin or Lakeway, Texas, office today or schedule an appointment online. Telehealth appointments are available.

Sleep Study Expectations Q & A

What is an in-lab sleep study?

A sleep study, also called a nocturnal polysomnography, is a diagnostic tool that sleep specialists use to diagnose a sleep disorder. Traditionally, sleep studies are done in a lab.

For your sleep study, a sleep technician attaches painless sensors to your head and body to track and record your:

  • Brainwave activity
  • Muscle activity
  • Eye movement
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Airflow and breathing effort

You then spend the night in the sleep lab, and your sleep medicine physician interprets the data collected during the study to arrive at a diagnosis.

What are sleep study expectations?

The primary expectation of a sleep study is to diagnose the underlying cause of your sleep problem. Many sleep disorders, including restless legs syndrome (RLS), sleep apnea, and narcolepsy, benefit from sleep studies.

However, while people undergo sleep studies all the time, you might feel apprehensive about spending the night in a strange place. This is especially true if you already have a hard time sleeping.

If you’re delaying a study because you don’t want to sleep in a strange place, Sleep Cycle Center can help. They offer an at-home sleep test that provides accurate results.

What are the sleep study expectations from an at-home test?

The sleep study expectations from the at-home sleep test at Sleep Cycle Center are the same as the lab-based sleep study.

Sleep Cycle Center uses the innovative home sleep testing system WatchPAT® One from Itamar™ Medical. This tool is a disposable sleep test that gathers valuable information while you sleep in your own bed, including:

  • Apnea hypopnea index (AHI) — the number of times you stop breathing
  • Central apnea-hypopnea index (CAHI) — to diagnose central sleep apnea (CSA)
  • Respiratory disturbance index (RDI) — number of respiratory events during sleep
  • Oxygen desaturation index (ODI) — number of times your oxygen levels drop
  • Wake and sleep cycle
  • Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep
  • Stages of deep and light sleep
  • Body position
  • Snoring
  • Heart rate
  • Chest movements
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Actigraphy — muscle movement while you sleep

Sleep Cycle Center team sends the at-home sleep test to you by mail. After you download the WatchPAT One app to your smartphone, you follow the instructions on the app to set up the test.

Then you go to sleep, and the app collects the data. When you finish the study, Sleep Cycle Center team receives the data to diagnose your sleep problem.

Don’t let your sleep study expectations keep you from getting a sleep test. Call Sleep Cycle Center today or schedule a consultation online.