Improve Your Health with a Sleep Apnea Test in Cedar Park, TX

Struggling to get the excellent quality rest you deserve? We’re dedicated to improving the sleep and health of our local communities with reliable and accurate sleep study equipment and professional treatment services.

Find Solutions to Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can harm your lifestyle and health. Yet, according to the American Medical Association, more than 80% of people across the US are living with undiagnosed sleep apnea. The Sleep Cycle Center team, led by renowned Sleep Medicine Dentist Dr Chad, is committed to finding solutions for poor-quality sleep, exploring assessments and treatments for common apnea symptoms with accessible medical approaches and high-quality remote testing equipment, including sleep apnea testing in Cedar Park, TX.

Innovative Home Sleep Tests

The Sleep Cycle Team is bridging the gaps between apnea diagnosis and treatments, bringing sleep study and testing equipment directly to the comfort of a patient’s bedroom. Developed with powerful cloud-based technology that tracks vitals readings over the night, Home Sleep Testing Devices (HSTs) connect real-time sleep behavior securely to labs for detailed, secure apnea assessments. All patients need to get started is to arrange home sleep test delivery through our team and fit the comfortable watch-styled device to their wrist before bed!

Your First Steps to High-Quality Sleep Apnea Care

Stop struggling with the debilitating symptoms of sleep apnea and start your journey to better sleep! Our Online Sleep Screener assesses potential signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in just 5 minutes, using a series of questions developed by Cardiologists with a 92% efficiency in highlighting sleep disorders.

Take the assessment, and we’ll contact you directly with the results and next steps!

Sleep Disorder Diagnosis with Testing for Sleep Apnea in Cedar Park, TX

Discover the power of remote sleep studies with the discreet, watch-style testing device WatchPat. Built with seven advanced sensors and advanced cloud-based technology, the HST sleep device securely collects data for laboratory analysis, providing an 89% correlation rate with in-lab polysomnography (PSG) readings. Residents seeking a sleep apnea test in Cedar Park, TX, can now experience the convenience of WatchPat’s innovative approach to sleep disorder diagnosis.

Accurate Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Remove the complications of misdiagnosis with our professional apnea screening approaches.  Unlike other HST devices, sleep study equipment used at the Sleep Cycle Center focuses on a patient’s True Sleep Time, reducing the risk of misdiagnosis by approximately 20% and ensuring accuracy in sleep disorder assessments and ongoing medical care.

Compare the efficiency of the WatchPat device with other sleep testing approaches and equipment.


Supporting Care For Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients

More than 40% of confirmed Obstructive Sleep Apnea diagnoses are now achieved through home sleep study devices, increasing the accessibility of sleep apnea care to patients. Discover the benefits of home sleep testing or contact our team today to discuss eligibility for treatments with the team. If you’re looking for sleep apnea testing in Cedar Park, TX, we offer comprehensive solutions to help diagnose and manage this condition.

Are you Living With Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea?

Untreated Sleep Apnea can result in severe health complications and disruptions to daily life, which is why it’s essential for anyone struggling with ongoing symptoms to get treated today! A professional sleep study is the first step to managing sleep apnea, arranged directly with our dedicated team following a detailed consultation and assessment.

Common Signs to Arrange A Sleep Test

If you’re suffering from the following symptoms, you may be living with undiagnosed sleep apnea and require a home sleep study.

  • Nightly awakenings
  • Loud snoring
  • Daytime fatigue,
  • Morning headaches
  • Dry throat or mouth
  • Low mood
  • Sexual DysfunctionSecondary Health Problems
Is A Sleep Study Right For Me?

As part of our commitment to providing leading apnea care and optimum success in treatment approaches, all patients will be invited for a consultation, physical assessment, and medical history review before arranging a sleep study with our team. Patients with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions suspected of severe OSA or Central Sleep Apnea may not be eligible for a home-based sleep study. Where possible, patients will be guided to referral partners in our medical network for further treatment, including those seeking sleep apnea testing in Cedar Park, TX. Contact us directly to discuss your eligibility.

Better Sleep with Sleep Apnea Testing in Cedar Park, TX

Testing for a potential sleep disorder can be more than just a confirmed diagnosis for patients; it can help people have the motivation to take control of their health, explore treatment options, and resolve ongoing or secondary medical problems. Here are a few examples of our Home Sleep Testing services that can support you:

Providing Sleep Apnea Assessments

Utilizing the latest testing criteria and guidance set out by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and American Dental Association, we’ve developed a clinical sleep medicine and apnea testing service in Cedar Park, TX, that increases apnea awareness and offers comprehensive sleep apnea testing.

Resolving Snoring Complications

Snoring can be disruptive for both sleep lab and patients and their bed partners, leading to strained relationships and other health concerns! A sleep test can help to determine if a snoring problem is caused by sleep apnea and explore the proper treatment for a quieter night’s rest.

Resolve Secondary Medical Issues

Home Sleep studies provide a detailed analysis of critical functions in the body during sleep stages, measuring blood oxygen levels, heart rate, body position, and more from the comfort of a patient’s bedroom. Data from the study will effectively highlight a potential apnea disorder and appropriate treatment method, resolving secondary medical issues associated with sleep apnea. Cedar Park, TX, patients seeking a sleep apnea test can benefit from this convenient and comprehensive approach to diagnose and manage their condition.

If a suspected sleep disorder leaves you feeling exhausted with life, finding solutions to achieve the good night’s rest you deserve is essential. Schedule a consultation today.

Explore The WatchPat Sleep Testing Process

Ready to find out more about Sleep Cycle Center’s testing services and the innovative WatchPat device? Watch our medical partners, Itamar Medical’s step-by-step instructional video covering the easy-to-use WatchPat ONE Home Sleep test. 

Non-Invasive Test for Sleep Apnea with Advanced Accuracy

Living with an undiagnosed medical condition can severely impact a person’s quality of life, with excessive daytime sleepiness making everyday tasks, responsibilities, and commitments a constant struggle. Our Home Sleep Testing services, including the sleep apnea test in Cedar Park, TX, are designed to reduce the stress and disruptions of the diagnosis process, focusing on accessibility, convenience, and providing a positive patient experience.


Book a full sleep clinic to study around your schedule, childcare arrangements, and commitments. Home Sleep Testing removes the costly, inconvenient necessity for in-hospital screenings, delivering testing equipment directly to the door.


Using seven advanced sensors to review your sleep patterns, behavior, and essential functionalities during the night, the WatchPat Home Testing device provides an 89% accurate correlation in-lab sleep study to findings of in-lab sleep studies, reducing the risk of misdiagnosis by 20% compared to other HST devices.


Without the hook-up to wiring, monitors, and ongoing surveillance by medical teams for other sleep disorders, patients can rest easy with a home sleep apnea test, providing realistic and reliable data on sleep behavior in a familiar environment.

Secure & Confidential

The Sleep Cycle Center prides itself on our commitment to patient confidentially in all service provisions, including sleep apnea studies and testing equipment. All data collected regarding a patient’s private medical profile is sent securely via cloud-based technology to a laboratory for analysis.

Medically Approved

As Dental Sleep Medicine experts with a professional and personal interest in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, we ensure all our testing approaches and treatments meet the requirements and guidelines of our professional associations, including the FDA, Medicare/Medicaid Services,  American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and American Dental Association.

Comprehensive Care and Testing for Sleep Apnea Near Cedar Park, TX

Explore Sleep Apnea testing with trusted sleep disorder testing and treatment providers, offering high-quality care.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our personalized treatment plans aim to support patients in the long-term management of sleep-related conditions. Reviewing specific needs and detailed medical history, our team explores alternative treatments and approaches suitable to your lifestyle for optimum treatment success and management of Sleep Apnea. Part of our comprehensive approach includes offering a sleep test for sleep apnea in Cedar Park, TX, to diagnose and tailor treatment options accurately. Book an appointment to discuss your treatment.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Support

As part of our commitment to improving accessibility and professional sleep apnea care to the Cedar Park community, we accept all major insurance providers and offer in-house financing aid to our patients. View our complete list of providers on our finance information page.

Home-based Virtual Appointments and Testing

Our Home Sleep Apnea testing services, including testing for sleep apnea in Cedar Park, TX, are designed to meet busy lives with virtual consultations, direct delivery of testing equipment, and follow-ups offered to eligible patients in the area.

Book Your Sleep Apnea Test With Sleep Cycle Center

Your journey to better sleep starts with the Sleep Cycle Center! With renowned sleep expert Dr. Denman and his professional, dedicated Dental Sleep Medicine team, your health care is always our priority. If you’re concerned, you may have a sleep disorder or have been referred by a doctor for further testing. It’s time to take the first steps to sleep better! Conveniently located near Cedar Park, TX, our center specializes in testing for sleep apnea to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Call our team to find out more.