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Find answers to a good night’s sleep with Northern Austin’s Professional Dental Sleep Medicine team, led by world-renowned dental sleep expert Dr. Chadwick Denman.

Sleep Apnea Help For the Austin Community

Sleep Apnea is a chronic breathing disorder that can narrow or block the airway during sleep. It impacts many areas of daily life, from health to career and relationships. For people living with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a diagnosis can be the first step in accessing the vital care and resources required to manage sleep issues and find long-term resolutions to the ongoing battle of daily apnea symptoms.

The Sleep Cycle team can support patients in the screening and ongoing management of sleep apnea, working with physicians, sleep specialist clinics, hospitals, and their primary providers to find solutions to sleep better and long-term symptom relief. Additionally, the team collaborates with sleep apnea experts in Austin, TX, ensuring that patients receive the most comprehensive care available.

Sleep Apnea Dr in Austin, TX Offers Patient-Focused Solutions

Operating across two centers in Northern Austin, Dentist of Dental Sleep Apnea Dr. Chadwick Denman, and his professional team apply holistic and alternative patient-focused approaches to managing OSA, developed with real-life personal experiences of the chronic sleep disorder.

How Sleep Apnea Experts Enhance Oral and Sleep Health

Applying the unique knowledge of oral health with specialized training in dental sleep medicine, the Sleep Cycle Center team can effectively support diagnosing and treating mild to moderate OSA.

Working with healthcare professionals across the Central Texas region, including the best sleep apnea doctor in Austin, TX, as well as accrediting bodies and membership with the American Academy of Sleep and American Dental Association, the team effectively connects patients with the resources they need to manage their condition, backed by experts in Sleep Science.

How Can Dentists Provide Apnea Care and Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep Dentistry can play a vital role in managing mild to moderate OSA, collaborating with primary care physicians, doctors, and patients to support positive, long-term health outcomes.


The Sleep Cycle Center, staffed with sleep apnea experts in Austin, TX, on a mission to improve the accessibility and quality of sleep disorder services, helping the growing number of American citizens currently left untreated with the condition. The team works with various cases, including suspected and confirmed diagnoses, to ensure the local community is on the right path to better sleep!


Dental sleep services and treatments
  • Identifying common symptoms and physical evaluations in suspected cases
  • Arranging a remote sleep study for an official diagnosis
  • Building personalized treatment plans, including combination therapy for secondary health conditions
  • Working with a range of major insurance providers

Holistic Oral Device and Lifestyle Changes For OSA

The Sleep Cycle Center team, recognized as sleep apnea experts in Austin, TX, is proud to offer oral appliance devices and combinational therapies for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), including professionally guided lifestyle changes and weight management programs for a healthier lifestyle and better long-term health prospects.

The Science Behind Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral devices are designed to treat and reduce sleep apnea symptoms. They are developed discreetly in a retainer-style design and molded uniquely for patient comfort.

Combining the expertise of a general dentistry practice with the specialty of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Chad and his professional team offer extensive experience with FDA-approved oral appliance therapies for the community.

At both clinic locations, a team member will fit the retainer-style device into the unique shape of your mouth. The device is designed to work with the unique structure of a patient’s mouth and airway to keep it open during the night, helping the body breathe easier and reducing sleep apnea episodes while maintaining optimum oral comfort. Our sleep apnea experts in Austin, TX, are dedicated to providing personalized care to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes for our patients.

Visit the sleep cycle center to Treat Sleep Apnea

The Sleep Cycle Center team schedules all initial consultations and routine check-ups around a patient’s lifestyle and requirements where possible, with remote consultations available for eligible patients.* 

Contact the team for further information on opening hours and current appointment availability.

All fittings and check-ups must be done in person at the clinic.*

Managing Secondary Health Conditions With Lifestyle Changes

With successful apnea management, breathing becomes easier at night, and patients wake up rested in the morning, ready for whatever opportunities life may bring! Lifestyle changes ensure the long-term benefits of apnea management continue once a patient is stabilized on their treatment, supporting health improvements with other secondary conditions that can influence or be impacted by the effects of Sleep Apnea. 

How are lifestyle changes adapted to the patient’s needs?

Regular exercise, weight loss, positional therapy for sleeping, and reducing smoking and alcohol are all positive improvements people can make to their lifestyle. Still, they can often be challenging to navigate alone through the struggle of daily apnea symptoms.

Although lifestyle changes can benefit anyone, professional guidance is recommended when used as a form of medical treatment. 

Management of obesity and weight loss, for example, may help improve a patient’s ability to exercise and reduce apnea symptoms due to the loss of excessive fat tissues around the airways. Continued improvements in these areas can improve heart health and lung capacity when used long-term as sleep improves and energy levels increase to explore more fitness programs. Additionally, consulting with sleep apnea experts in Austin, TX can provide tailored strategies to further enhance treatment outcomes for those suffering from sleep apnea.

Some cases have reported more positive career performance, relationships, and increased motivation to exercise due to long-term apnea management. 

Home Sleep Study Services For Accessible Testing

Home Sleep Testing Devices (HST) have increased the accessibility to apnea diagnosis by 40%, supporting the estimated millions of patients US-wide yet to be formally diagnosed. Living untreated with sleep apnea symptoms can bring many risks to health and general life, which is why the Sleep Cycle Center is committed to connecting patients to advanced testing technology and sleep doctors to get them the help they need.

All Sleep Apnea Testing Reports Are Reviewed

To ensure accuracy and reliability in the apnea testing service, all home sleep study results are reviewed by sleep apnea experts in Austin, TX, to avoid the risk of misdiagnosis. As a result, all the sleep studies’ data is safely collected to diagnose apnea using advanced cloud-based technology.

Partnering With Sleep Apnea Doctors For Optimum Sleep Testing and Care

All Sleep Cycle Center services are developed in line with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the American Dental Association (ADA) to ensure leading treatment approaches and knowledge are delivered in our patient care. Working across medical partners, the team effectively coordinates treatment pathways with physicians, consultants, and other healthcare professionals, supporting secondary medical conditions and patients with additional health requirements.

Make a Referral From Your Primary Care Physician or Doctor

The Sleep Cycle Team welcomes undiagnosed or untreated patients with sleep apnea and those currently exploring alternatives to restrictive CPAP therapy. Patients in Austin, TX, seeking help with sleep apnea can easily self-refer to our services by contacting the friendly Sleep Cycle team. We also accept patient referrals from doctors and physicians. Find out more about this process here.

Choose the Austin Dental Sleep Apnea Experts

Stop struggling with daytime fatigue and poor-quality sleep, and explore Dental Sleep Medicine! Our facility is equipped to address your sleep concerns with the latest sleep technology and alternative apnea therapies. As a leading sleep apnea doctor, our Austin, TX clinic provides dedicated, patient-focused care with positive long-term outcomes for apnea sufferers! Call our team or book an appointment using the online contact form.