Sleep Treatment Services

Sleep Apnea Facts

Are you getting up to use the bathroom multiple times per night? Do you wake up with headaches? How about grinding your teeth?

All of these are signs of sleep apnea or a potential sleep disorder. Dr. Chadwick Denman and the team at Sleep Cycle Center focuses on a holistic view of sleep health and helping those suffering from sleep apnea change their lives.

The services that Sleep Cycle Center has combined, has yielded over a 90% success rate at eliminating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Which is reflected by an overall better, recuperative, and more restful sleep. This success, however, takes dedication, communication and compliance with the chosen mode of treatment. Patients have a dedicated team of Specialists and companies, which can assist with various other interventions of sleep apnea. Weight Loss, Dieting, Psychology, or even an ENT referral, can sometimes form a “triad of treatments” lasting over several months. In order to provide this level of care and success, Sleep Cycle Center fielded numerous specialists. Eventually, we partnered with expertly trained individuals and now have a culmination of over a decade of experience. We know each Patient’s Journey is unique and not a nail-which-needs-a-hammer so at Sleep Cycle Center not everyone receives the customarily prescribed CPAP or Surgery.