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Dr. Chadwick Denman

Dr. Chadwick Denman

Dr. Chad attended Florida State University for an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and then Marquette University for dental school. He moved to Austin in 2006 after falling in love with the city during a trip the previous year. His time as a dentist in Austin has allowed him to master multiple areas of dentistry, including treatment for Sleep Apnea using oral appliances as an alternative to CPAP, pediatrics, implant placements, Invisalign, esthetics, surgical procedures, extractions, root canals, crown and bridge placement, porcelain crowns and veneers, teeth whitening, conscious sedation, partials and dentures, and general patient care. Denman thoroughly enjoys interacting with his patients and developing strong, caring relationships. He’s such a firm believer in his work here in Austin. Dr. Denman is part of a study group of specialists in the area and is involved in many organizations and maintains several certifications in dentistry. He has a passion for treating patients with Sleep Apnea so they can live longer and have a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. John D. Hudson

Dr. John D. Hudson

Sleep Medicine Consultants was founded by Dr. John Douglas Hudson, MD, who is now serving as the Principal Investigator for FutureSearch Trials of Neurology in Austin. His practice consists of three healthcare providers headed by Dr. John D. Hudson M.D. who is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Neurology. Dr. Hudson is assisted with patient care by two mid-level providers. Dr. John D Hudson, MD is located in Austin, TX. He has 56 years of experience. He speaks English. Having practiced sleep medicine and neurology in Austin for over 40 years, and conducted clinical trials since 2000, Dr. Hudson has deep ties to the local community. FutureSearch Trials of Neurology is located in Austin, TX alongside Dr. Hudson’s private practice. With dedicated full-time research staff, a sleep lab, and outpatient offices, FutureSearch Trials conducts a range of studies in insomnia and sleep disorders, pain and migraine, and neurology.

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