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Austin dentist, Dr. Chadwick Denman, provides treatment for sleep apnea using oral appliances as an alternative to CPAP. Oral Appliance Therapy can also be used in combination with CPAP or surgical therapy. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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Are you showing signs of a sleep disorder? Keeping your partner up at night with loud snoring? Sleep Cycle Centers can provide accurate, comfortable testing for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.


Open your airways and reduce your snoring and sleep apena severity with a combination of oral devices and/or medical equipment. Find long-term and comfortable solutions today.


From weight loss to oral surgery, Sleep Cycle Center has a large network of preferred physicians, weight loss coaches, and surgeons for both non-invasive and surgical options.


The two main treatments for sleep apnea are CPAP Therapy and Oral Appliance Therapy. These solutions are excellent options for treating sleep apnea.


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There are many types of stop snoring devices available to help users to eliminate or reduce the annoying and disruptive snore sound during sleep.


Why Is Sleep Important?

On the surface, sleep is our chance to relax, unwind, and essentially “turn off” after a long day. But while we’re counting sheep, our bodies are actually hard at work repairing themselves and restoring vital energy for our daily lives. Scientists have been studying sleep for years, and its’ importance can’t be overstated.

7 ½ to 8 hours of quality sleep is crucial for long-term physical and mental health.

The Sleep Cycle Center Blog

Our experts weigh in on the latest in Sleep Apnea news, treatment options, and education for patients who are looking for treatment or alternatives to their current treatment. 

Is an Oral Device a Good CPAP Alternative?

Is an Oral Device a Good CPAP Alternative?Many people avoid getting a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and others fail to follow through with a treatment plan because they fear using a CPAP device. There are a lot of myths surrounding CPAP devices, but the...

What are the Dangers of Sleep Apnea?

What are the Dangers of Sleep Apnea?Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that occurs when the muscles in the back of your throat relax. This causes your airways to narrow or close, making you unable to breathe. If your body stops bringing in oxygen, your...

You Can Still Get Tested for Sleep Apnea

How Sleep Cycle Center is Adapting to the Pandemic  We are living through an unprecedented time in history. With most non-essential businesses closed and millions of people working from home and/or sheltering in place, much of life as we know it has come to an abrupt...

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