Surgical Treatment Options


Surgical Options for Sleep Disorder Treatment

While non-surgical treatments such as an oral device, CPAP, or weight loss program are the preferred methods for treating sleep apnea and sleep disorders, surgery is an option for patients. A surgical procedure may address an underlying issue that is causing sleep issues such as a deviated septum, airway blockages and more.


Surgical Treatment Options

Surgical Treatment Options

Sleep Disorder Surgeries include various surgical procedures performed by an Otolaryngologist or better knownas an ENT. 

All surgeries are used to help “open” the airway above the palate. Many patients suffer from a deviated septum, chronic sinus issues, chronic allergies, or enlarged irritated structures that limit the flow of oxygen or cause turbulence in the back of the throat. That turbulence leads to snoring and later sleep apnea.

Balloon Sinuplasty, Turbinate Reduction, Septoplasty, Allergy Treatment, UPPP are the most common surgeries performed.

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