How Sleep Cycle Center is Adapting to the Pandemic 

We are living through an unprecedented time in history. With most non-essential businesses closed and millions of people working from home and/or sheltering in place, much of life as we know it has come to an abrupt halt. For those who have sleep apnea, the stress of the pandemic can lead to an increase in symptoms. Fortunately, Sleep Cycle Center is still open and actively treating patients. Here is how we have been able to adapt during the pandemic and how we are continuing to help those we serve.

The Pandemic and C-PAP Machines

At this time, it’s been recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that all elective procedures be postponed to reduce the rate of infection from Covid-19. Because an in-person evaluation is usually needed for a CPAP prescription, very few are being prescribed during this time. Those who already have CPAPs are being advised to clean them thoroughly on a daily basis and order any supplies they need through the mail. Because those with CPAP machines already have compromised respiratory systems, they need to be more careful than most during this pandemic and should shelter at home if at all possible.¬†

Consultations Via Zoom

Sleep Cycle Centers aims to be a resource for those who:
  1. Have a CPAP machine but are still experiencing sleep apnea systems.
  2. Believe they need a CPAP machine but are turning to other resources due to the current circumstances.
  3. Want to explore methods other than a CPAP machine to treat their sleep apnea.
  4. Are interested in improving their sleep health and overall wellbeing.
The team at Sleep Cycle Centers prescribes oral devices to treat sleep apnea and can conduct the entire consultation process via Zoom. They became HIPAA-certified to conduct Zoom-based consultation even before the pandemic started and never need to see a patient in person throughout the entire process. 

Sleep Apnea Tests and Devices Through the Mail

After the initial Zoom consultation, the staff mails out an FDA-approved, fully disposable sleep apnea test. When the patients receive it, they simply connect it to their smartphone before going to sleep. The information is sent to Sleep Cycle Centers through their phone and evaluated by the staff. If it’s determined that an oral device will treat their symptoms, an oral imprint kit is sent to them in the mail with return postage. The patient uses the kit and returns it to the office for a proper fit. Within three weeks, their device will arrive in the mail and a final Zoom call is scheduled to answer final questions. Just because you cannot go into a doctor’s office to treat your sleep apnea right now, you can still find a solution through Sleep Cycle Center’s remote consultation, diagnosis, and oral device prescription. Ready to get started and find the key to better sleep? Fill out this screening form today to find out and learn the next steps!