Why Am I Always Tired: 3 Possible Causes

Nothing can get you down like the feeling of constant exhaustion. There are many reasons why you may be tired throughout the day, but they typically come down to three reasons – food, exercise, and sleep. At Sleep Cycle Center, we specialize in not only treating the underlying cause of your tiredness but increasing your overall health. Your health can be significantly affected by sleep, and we want to help you maintain a healthier life.

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Your Diet Needs Some Love

The food we eat has a major impact on how we feel. Carbs may provide a quick boost (and be delicious), but they can also negatively impact your long-term energy levels. Our body turns carbohydrates into sugar which gives us a quick boost. However, as quickly as they give us an energy boost, our body processes them, and we end up crashing. Work towards reducing the sugar and processed carbs you consume in a day to avoid crashes and, ultimately, tiredness.

It’s Time to Get Your Exercise Routine Moving

We get it – if you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is exercise! In fact, a recent study discovered that the most common reason middle-aged and older adults do not exercise is because they are tired.

When you feel tired just sitting at your desk, it’s hard to commit to going to the gym. However, leading a sedentary lifestyle has very serious ramifications for our health. If you’re not ready to renew your gym membership – we recommend replacing a few non-active habits with more physical habits. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk around during commercial breaks or take one phone call a day while standing. Practices like this will keep you moving so you can start increasing your physical activity.

Your Sleep is Missing Something

It’s really easy to think that if you are tired, it must be because you need more sleep. However, this is not always the case. You could be getting too much sleep, or you could be sleeping enough but not having restful sleep.

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep – If you are not getting enough sleep, the best remedy is to adjust your schedule to have enough time to sleep. Avoid consuming sugar and caffeine well before you go to bed. Practice good health hygiene and keep a consistent schedule. Our bodies are creatures of habit, making it easy to train ourselves to sleep at the appropriate time. Creating a sleep schedule (and sticking to it) can help you get a more fulfilling sleep. Start by winding down a few hours before bed, and avoid blue light by unplugging from your devices. 
  • Getting Too Much Sleep – Getting too much sleep (10+ hours a day) can put you at greater risk for health concerns like coronary heart disease and diabetes. It can also be a sign of things like anemia, insomnia, or sleep apnea. 
  • Not Experiencing Restful Sleep – It is possible to sleep the recommended amount of sleep a day and still feel tired. Being tired while still sleeping the recommended amount can be a sign that you are not experiencing the kind of sleep you need. Often, because of sleep apnea, your brain constantly wakes you up in the middle of the night due to the constriction in your airways. As a result, your body does not enter deep sleep, and you do not get the rest you need.

At Sleep Cycle Center, we are committed to treating your whole body so you can live and rest better. That includes nutrition plans through Juice Plus+ and Ideal Protein, along with our sleep apnea screening and treatment. If you are experiencing constant tiredness, we encourage you to contact us today, and we can begin helping you achieve the rest you need.

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