A good night’s sleep has countless benefits for your well-being, including increased energy, more mental clarity, better focus, and improved mood. With consistently good sleep, your overall health improves. In fact, making excellent sleep a priority can even increase your immunity, cardiovascular health, and longevity.

If you experience symptoms like excessive fatigue or drowsiness, morning headaches, irritability, or memory problems, it’s time to find out if something is impacting your sleep. Gaining insight into how and when you sleep may provide answers that point to an effective solution.

At Sleep Cycle Center in Austin and Lakeway, Texas, we want every patient to enjoy the benefits of consistent blissful sleep. Our experts, Chad Denman, DDS, Vidya Pai, MD, and Michael Lund, DDS, work closely with you to find the source of your sleep problems and what you can do to fix them.

Home sleep testing identifies conditions impacting your sleep

Home sleep testing is an assessment that allows you to sleep in your own bed while gathering valuable information about your sleep cycle and nighttime tendencies.

As you slumber, the Itamar® WatchPAT® testing system gathers information on your heart rate, oximetry, snoring, body position, and other parameters from three different points of contact. The system syncs with your smartphone or tablet, so you can toss out the disposable device after using it. You then relay the test’s results to our team via technology. Later on, you’ll schedule a telemedicine appointment to review the results.

Whether your family members have mentioned your snoring or you’ve noticed drowsiness and other complications, a home sleep test lets you avoid a trip to the lab.

How sleep testing in a lab impacts results

Many people find it difficult to fall or stay asleep in an unfamiliar environment, whether it be a hotel room, the backseat of a car, or a friend’s couch. A sleep study lab is no different. Although sleep study labs are typically equipped with comfortable furnishings and bedding, the element of unfamiliarity can impact your sleep and lead to results that aren’t the same as they would be in your own bed.

Managing sleep conditions at home

While in-office sleep medicine and treatments are sometimes necessary for managing various sleep disorders, there are also plenty of treatments and strategies you can use at home.

Depending on the findings of your sleep study and any resulting diagnoses, our team can make recommendations for medications, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, or lifestyle changes to implement in your daily life.

While you might need to come to the office or book telemedicine visits to follow up on these treatments, using them in your own home can lead to better health and a greater sense of well-being.

Are you concerned about your sleep quality?

A home sleep test gives you answers regarding your sleep and can point you in the direction of effective long-term solutions. Contact the Sleep Cycle Center offices with a phone call or by scheduling an appointment online today.

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