Do Mouthguards Help With Snoring?

Mouthguards, also known as oral devices, are oral tools that are worn at night. People use them to prevent grinding and clenching at night and are often prescribed as part of a treatment plan for sleep apnea. Many people also use mouthguards to treat snoring – but are they really an effective snoring treatment?

The simple answer is – yes!

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A Quick Overview of Snoring

Snoring occurs when there is air resistance in your upper airway. This happens when the tissues in your throat relax, making it harder for air to pass through. According to the American Sleep Association, around 50% of the population snores.

How Mouthguards Prevent Snoring

There are two main types of custom mouthguards available – Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs) and Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs). TSDs work by restraining the tongue’s movement at night, making it more difficult for the tissues in your throat to restrict air movement. MADs move the jaw slightly forward and slightly apart to open up your mouth and throat.
Mandibular Advancement Devices are often prescribed for sleep apnea treatments. Snoring and sleep apnea often go hand in hand (but not always).

Don’t Get Tricked by Quick Fixes

It might be tempting to try a quick fix from the drugstore. You can probably find a dozen options that claim to help snoring. Unfortunately, these ‘boil and bite’ options claim to be one-size-fits-most. But here’s the thing – everyone’s mouth is different, and everyone has unique dental needs. Simply put, an over-the-counter dental guard won’t provide your mouth with the correct long-term fix. In fact, in some situations, a drugstore mouthguard can make your snoring problems worse.

How to Get a Custom Mouthguard

The first step is to consult with a sleep dentist or sleep specialist. They will take a look at your mouth and diagnose your personal needs. If they believe a custom mouth guard will be a promising treatment option for you, they will make a mold of your teeth. Once they have an impression of your teeth, that information will be sent to a lab where your personalized mouth guard will be crafted.

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